App Development – iOS

Whether it’s an iOS app development or any other OS development, safety of the created work is of utmost importance. Every digital program lives alarmingly under the continuous risk of strikes, robberies, following and undesirable communications. Therefore, it becomes absolutely essential to make a program which will protection the program under its safety pizza and program sandboxing is in closeness with this idea.

Also known as program containerization, it’s a technique of software growth and mobile program management, which boundaries the environment for the performance of certain program code. It isolates programs by preventing dangerous and dangerous programs to prevent them from destructive your app and computer. It is generally used when untrusted programs from other events are being used for the app. Click here for more information on ios application development in iraq.

The primary reason why this idea came into your life is to guard the app from outside viruses, criminals, sources or other programs. The language has similarity with the child’s sand pit in which he conceals all his toys and games and discreet belongings. This large idea includes many small ideas such as App Covering where designers make levels of security guidelines around the app and Small Virtualization where designer can isolate each program in a exclusive machine.

The benefits of sandboxing go beyond just defending the lately designed app. It stops a particular program from disrupting other programs which gives a reliable and reliable consumer experience. It provides balance to the app as a whole and results in lowest effecting dysfunctionalities.

Besides, it also makes problem solving simpler. Generally app reveals random actions due to caches, data source, and damaged choice information. After sandboxing the app, all such information get saved in another listing known as a package which is located inside the user’s collection. The greater choice becomes to keep an eye on these information which can stop an app from executing to its highest potential. Thus it guarantees that the consumer will not be worried by the caution and mistake information, as sandboxing allows the designer to take care of insects and mistakes on a appropriate basis.


Android App Development

Every day comes with the scaling innovations and creativity in the cosmos of Android App Development. May be this explains why this incredible operating system has captured the imagination of people like none has ever captured and sighting the recent developments, this mojo will remain to be undiminished and this king will guard his kingdom with pragmatism and business acumen.

One such interesting offering from the Google was the Android App Inventor. Originally conceptualized by the Google, it is now monitored by the Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. It is particularly designed for those who want to develop an Android app, but does not have the needed technical expertise. It is based on drag and drop concept where you put all the needed elements in the desired sequence. Basically, it’s a graphical interface like Scratch or StartLogo which has many visual objects on which developers can operate and use for their application development. At its core is the constructionist learning theories which believe that programming through learning can change the course of technology and create tools or services which can better millions of lives. Click here for more information on android app development companies in singapore.

What It Includes?

This cutting edge tool has a methodology which is implemented by the following building blocks. They form the internal architecture of the tool.

A) Designer:

This is the place where program’s usable elements are placed and clearly defined. It involves both the visible components like buttons and images as well as invisible components such as sensors and web connection.

B) Block Editor:

Here, the program’s logic is created and edited.

C) Compiler:

It is designed in the Kawa Language Framework. It compiles the written logic and code.

D) Debugging:

It has an app which allows real time debugging of the connected Android device.

Even though this is a classic example of what you see is what you get and real easy to use tool, it has raised certain concerns which are necessary to mention in order to get the total understanding of this new technique.

A) There are many apps which assure the same functionality of the Inventor. Many might think that this is just an addition to the crowd. The inefficiency of other such apps and techniques has clouded its credibility and authenticity.

B) The well trained and specialist developers might get annoyed by the fact that now anybody with scarce technical knowledge can enter into their territory and develop an app. The skeptics are voicing that these novices will come up with crapps than apps for most of the time and this will damage the image of the entire application creation fraternity.

Indeed, the idea is good as it will speed up the app making process. Besides, it will help in growing the Android developers’ community as almost anyone can use it and create a customized app. But it would be wrong to ridicule the skeptics’ concerns, which is raising an alarming and thought provoking question: What you want? Quality or quantity?

Web Development Services

web development services in singaporeLots of coding and hierarchical arrangements go in the process of web development. Greater the magnitude of web site, greater the complexity and it becomes troublesome and a reason of sleepless nights for developers. Recognizing this alarming need, the connoisseurs of the industry have come up with tools to rescue the developers from the job heaviness.

A) BugHerd:

It’s a best tool to organize client or user feedbacks, bugs and requests without creating piles of mails. A visitor gets a feedback button with just an inclusion of .js. Guests can file bugs and requests which are monitored by the admins through an interactive interface. Thus, you can get a complete view of the process ranging from bug reporting to the final action. Click here for more information on web development services in singapore.

B) Fontello:

This freebie is an excellent way to procure all the icons which you may need in your web site. Besides, it also lets you select different and unique glyphs to make your site more hieroglyphic. Though there are other ways to get these icons, but its customizability makes it the most logical and efficient contender.


This is an ideal way to create comparatively complex sites. You can add touch gesture, animation and can also empower the site by including comment and share option. It’s easy to use, and it comes in both free (Limited version) and paid mode.

D) Foundation 3:

This brainchild of ZURB agency can play multiple roles in order to realize the responsive web site. It can be used as a blueprint for your vast projects, a rapid prototyping model or even as a lesson in how to address some of the web’s most contemporary issues. The simplified grid structure makes the styling even more flexible and competent.

E) Dreamweaver CS6:

Dreamweaver is perhaps the most used tool by the developers. Fluid layouts, CSS3 transitions and enhanced PhoneGap support in its latest version are making it the first choice of web people. It enables users to manage a fine balance between the functionality and the need.

F) Cloud9 IDE:

This is a browser based IDE which is capable enough to manage the large scale projects which are full of features. Along with code completion, smart drag and drop document trees and FTP integration what makes Cloude9 really special is its connectivity. In case the team is using the same file, each user will be known by his unique color cursor. Besides, it is also capable to work offline which gives you freedom to code from anywhere.

Game Design

With the rapid gamification of the world and use of animation in multiple industries including education, automation, advertisement the people with the correct visual skill sets will always be in demand. It’s quite obvious that the scope of game designing is as vast as the sea. Its canvas is too huge to be saturated and stagnant. With the advent of smart phones, now gaming has become a matter of finger tips, where people can play a game without wiring or consoles. Mobile has been a significant happening in percolating games to the lowest layer of society.

But what is gaming? For laymen, it’s just about crossing levels and earning points. But for experts, it means a life activity. They see those intricacies in gaming about which common man is largely oblivious. It’s worth to understand and analyze the gaming through and through. Generally, gaming is divided into four broad sections. Click here for more information on game designing in india.

A) Game Development (Requirements: Logic and Art)
B) Game Design (Requirements: Art and Skill-set of visualization)
C) Game Art ( Requirements: Excellent visualization and Drawing Skill set as well as color concepts)
D) Game Testing ( Requirements: logic and efforts)

As far as designing aspect is concerned, the skill sets go much deeper than what they appear to the cursory glance. It’s a too important responsibility to be taken lightly. He must have

A) Extraordinary drawing and sketching ability
B) Solid interpersonal and written communication capability
C) Utmost team player
D) Critical mind
E) Management prowess
F) Time-management skills
G) Modernized knowledge of the history and trends of video game

One can conclude that his job transcends the boundaries of mere drawing. It remains his primary task, but that’s not all. He has to visualize all the scenarios, stages and has to create visuals by keeping in mind the intended mood of the game. He has to make wise use of colors and objects which gives a necessary touch of artistic aesthetics to the game. Plus, if he wishes to climb the ladder of managerial hierarchy, he needs to be apt in managing the people and extracting the planned work from them.

Time and budget constraints also fall within his work ambit, as he is expected to deliver a game as economically as possible without spending years on it. This makes him think about return on investment as well. Indeed, he has to wear many hats, and this is what makes his job challenging.

Windows Apps Development

Though Windows app development is facing an extremely tough competition from iOS and Android, so much so that the questions have been asked about its possibility of going out of existence, it is believed that the Microsoft’s takeover will turn the OS’s fortune. But irrespective of the top managerial decisions, the basic of development remains same, and the first building block is tools.

There are many powerful tools which can help you in the realization of application creation for the Windows platform. Click here for more information on windows apps development in singapore.

1) Visual Studio 2012 / 2013:

It is supposed to be the best tool for the Windows creation. You can use VB.NET, C#, or even JavaScript in the development process, as it provided templates for all the above mentioned programming languages. It also provides XAML code which enables you to create App’s interface in quick time. Besides, you can design, write and test the app at one place.

2) Ignite UI:

Previously known as NetAdvantage, this is ideal for the developers who want to create touch enabled and browser based desktop and mobile experience. It’s an amalgamation of jQuery Core, jQuery UI and jQuery Mobile JavaScript libraries which can be inserted into HTML 5 (client-side) or ASP.NET MVC (server-side) applications.

3) PhoneGap:

It’s an open source framework which is mighty helpful in generating apps with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has achieved the reputation of a formidable tool which is a perfect suit for the mobile, desktop and web creations. As it’s a free and backed up by large user and developer community, it will continue to grow and evolve.

4) Sencha Touch:

It’s an HTML5 product which allows the developer to design, develop and deploy the apps for mobile and desktop environment from other integrated environment. It comes with Charting as well as Grid controls which are commonly used by the developer community. Its use of ease has also made it popular.

5) ZipApp:

Supported by Nokia and Microsoft, it gives easy access to the online Windows Store app creator. It comes with multiple templates and app resources which are necessary for any application creation. You have to complete the registration process to use it and once performed; you can download your app for further customization and upgradations and can upload it on the Windows Store.

More Info:- Apps

SEO Services

As the first sunrise of the 2015 is at feet’s distance, it’s tempting to peep inside the newest and most radical form of online marketing, viz. search engine optimization. Just like 2014, 2015 will also see the pure and enhanced dominance of the SEO in reaching the cluster of online masses. It will eschew certain old clichés and embrace the new mosaics of modern times.

Here is a look into some of the most prominent trends which will leave their indelible marks and shape the clay model of seo services in singapore.

A) Greater Value Of Content Marketing Strategy:

This trend is supposed to stay there till the end of this world. Content will hold the key in ensuring good search engine rankings through dealing with keyword research, meta tags, indexing issues and penalty recovery. CMS will govern the search visibility of your web site. The businesses which will ignore the importance of the quality content will lose their way and may go into oblivion.

B) Mobile Unfriendly Websites Will Extinguish:

Recognizing the social penetration of the most revolutionary and addictive device of time, i.e. mobile, it was just a matter of time that website world will revolve around this tiny device. That’s why Google is prioritizing the mobile usability. We can see mobile testing icons next to the search results. Besides, Google is also reprimanding the sites which are not in harmony with the mobile.

C) Branding And Citations In Links:

Observations of wrongdoings in the task of link building have propelled Google to come up with strictures in this regard. Google is giving importance to the inclusion of brand names and citations in the links. It reduces the possibilities of manipulation in the links to get higher rankings. Thus, 2015 will see more and more nofollowed links.

D) Less Technicality, More Strategizing:

In the future, webmaster and other technical compliance cannot be the sole input in getting highest search rankings. The focus will be more on strategizing the social campaign via blogger outreach campaigns, building relationships with brand advocates, reaching out to influencers and engaging in social media.

E) Greater Danger Of Negative SEO:

The upcoming time will see more vigorous and lethal monster of negative SEO. The wrongdoers create numbers of spammy links which are directed towards the competitor’s site with a view to downgrade his page’s search engine ranking. Though it has been there for last two years, the upcoming times will see its shore up.

Android App Development

The journey of android app development doesn’t just stop at the final realization of the conceptualized application. On the contrary, from this point new journey begins; and its destination is the app market, Google Play, where you submit your application for the public availability. Like app creation, it is also a multistep process and each and every step holds equal importance in getting approval and visibility for your creation.

Below is the explanation of the chronological order of activities in this regard. Click here for more information on Android App Development in Iraq.

A) Registration:

The first and basic step is the registration as an android developer in the Android market. Unless this authentication is done, you cannot place or distribute your app on market map. You can consider it as the first knock at the door of Android market.

B) Testing:

Finer is better. The more expansive and thorough testing ensures the efficiency and bug free behavior of the application. To ease your painstaking efforts in the exhausting testing activity, Android provides testing tools. But the testing which you do on the actual Android powered device is more real and valid that the emulators. You can test the entire workflow, UI elements and responsivity of the app. You can actually be in the shoes of the user; and thus in a better position in pointing out the loop holes.

C) Licensing:

Licensing is optional, but it is immensely useful in keeping entire legal control on your developed paid application. Besides, End User License Agreement will make you intellectual property owner of your product.

D) Application Manifest:

At this stage, developer creates icons, logos, menus which user will see on his screen. The best way to do it try to create these objects as same as built in applications. Users will be at home with your application.

E) Cleaning:

To reduce the loading time, the developer has to eliminate all backup data, log files and other bulky information in the app which is practically not important. The debugging feature must be made inactive.

F) Version Number:

You have to assign a unique version number for your app. This has to be done thoughtfully, as it should go with the future updates of your product.

G) Signing:

After carefully performing all the above mentioned activities, sign your application with the private key. Do not commit any mistakes while filling details at this step.


More Info:- Android

SEO Services

People will know about your business if and only if Google knows it, as Google has become a reference book; almost an Oracle to all the online searchers across the globe. The online presence has become a key to ensure the brand visibility and high sales turnover. But this requires conscious efforts to be seen on the internet and the way which helps in that effort is Search Engine Optimization (SEO Services).

It’s a studious approach by which professional methods are applied to enhance the search engine rankings. It is done by the adequate stuffing of competitive keywords, backlinks which are generated from the submissions of articles on various platforms like ArticlesBase, GoArticle and Ezine. With the constant follow up and submission of quality content, website ranking improves up to the point where any search with the keyword which has been properly optimized will lead the user to the respective site. Thus, the website becomes easily available and reachable to the vast audience. Click here for more information on SEO Services in Iraq.

The reason why this concept of optimization has come into existence is to achieve high traffic on the desired website. A majority of the search related to a particular keyword should be directed to the website. It is facilitated by the keywords and promotional content which is posted on the internet via articles, blogs and social media pages. They are of pivotal importance, as they generate authentic backlinks and contacts which redirects the user to the site. One can understand its significance by considering the fact that 75% of the traffic which gets transferred on the site is generated by these backlinks. Thus, the SEO people must know the knack of building all important backlinks by cunningly using and studying relevant community forums, blogs and other similar websites. Similarly, the client website must be laced with the keywords for the reception of relevant traffic.

The best thing about this technique is that the performance is tangible and measurable which makes it manageable. The experts create a monthly report and submit it to the client to show how much traffic have been attracted to the site, what are the trends, why there are fluctuations and what plan of action they are about to take to further boost the performance.

Android Game Development in India

Even if your concept of the game is good, designers have been able to create the necessary mood and aesthetics, all this can go in vain if appropriate screen resolution is not selected. This is the first basic thing which decides on which platform and screen your creation will be visible and workable. Just like any other OS platform, it holds great importance for Android Game Development as well. The thing is, right selection of screen resolution at the beginning of development reduces the troubles when it comes to portability of the game.

What Screen Resolution Actually Means?   Click here for more information on Android Game Development in India.

Screen resolution is the number of pixels that can be displayed by per dimension. It is generally represented in the format of width* height. For example 1000*700 means width is 1000 pixels and height is 700 pixels. A Pixel is a picture element, a smallest addressable point of the picture of device. Thus, pixel is the smallest unit of an image. Generally it is believed that, greater the number of pixels, greater the picture clarity.

Speaking in the context of the game, the best resolution is a dicey concept. It depends on various aspects, such as

  • The targeted platform for the game
  • Other possible platforms on which you may wish to launch your game afterwards.
  • Graphical configuration of the devices
  • Type of the game, as games like puzzle can do without high and standard resolutions. But fighting, shooting or strategy planning games need supreme resolution to create the desired impact

The selection of right resolution is particularly difficult for Android OS due to thousands of devices that it supports. Besides, now gamers have to consider resolutions not only for mobiles, but for tablets and phablets as well. It has considerably multiplied the possibilities of resolutions. Indeed, there are more resolutions out of which you have to filter the most suitable one.

Since scanning and trying all resolutions is exhausting and time consuming, the best approach is to use the resolution which is most commonly used. It automatically ensures that your game will work on majority of the devices which are in the market.

Following are the ratios which are adapted by most of the devices

  • 16:9, as in 1280x720px
  • 16:10, as in 1680x1050px
  • 5:3, as in 1280x768px
  • 3:2, as in 960×640 (This is commonly used on iDevices.)
  • 4:3, as in 1024×768

Of course, this information is more useful for beginners. With experience and craft, you will automatically develop the knack of selecting correct resolution.

Windows App Development

This is perhaps the best period to invest your brain and money in app development. Considering the craze and dependency of people on various apps, it’s certainly a safe basket to put your eggs. But how much it costs to develop a full fledge and completely tested app?

Though, it varies as per the companies and depends on many facets, surveys conducted reveal that the general costing which goes into the creation of applications ranges from $50,000 to $100,000. This engulfs both the consumer and enterprise apps. To further simplify the understanding, apps can be divided into three categories to calculate their costing.  Click here for more information on Windows App Development in Singapore .

  • Simple iPad app – $50,000
  • Medium iPad app- $100,000
  • Complex iPad app- $150,000

These estimations include design, development and testing of the app.

The superiority of functionalities increases with each above mentioned segments. First category includes basic functionalities such as email login. Second category focuses on better user experiences and swift integrations via responsive user interfaces. The last one comes with even more advancements like real time facilities, device arrangement, content management system and app management.

Time Line:

The cost is directly proportional to time, as more time means more spending on salaries. Thus, time frame needs to get clear.

  • The apps which deal with the database abstraction and showcase the retrieved data in a simple form can take approximately 6 weeks to complete.
  • If app includes server side amalgamation and data storing, the approximate time estimation is 10 weeks.
  • An app which facilitates total integration of all the business process will need 4 to 5 months, as they need to be developed for two or three platforms.

In a nutshell, lower the features, lower will be the required time and cost. With every increase in the complexity and functionality, the costing also increases. Thus, it’s a tightrope balance between features and costing!